Marie-Anne & Sabina’s Zara Larsson premade
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Hi everybody! I just finished a Zara Larsson premade, which I did in collaboration with Sabina! Sabina is one of the founders of Love Song Designs (alongside myself and Kayla) but had to quit due to other commitments.

The premade is a Manipulated WordPress Theme and it includes rollovers for the navigation, latest images, search bar, social icons, 2 sidebars with widgets.

The price of the premade is $12 USD.

For more details please click on the banner above.

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Since school ended for me, I finally have time to do some designing again! I really missed it but unfortunately I really didn’t have time at all.

Anyways, I am now accepting orders! If you wish to place an order, please visit my order page.

I also decided to change my order page & portfolio’s designs so make sure to check them out!

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Tutorial: How to send an iTunes gift
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Hi everyone! I have created a tutorial on how to send an iTunes gift if you choose to pay for your order using iTunes. Click here to read it.

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Marie-Anne is now accepting orders
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Hi everyone, I am on vacation from school for a few weeks, so I decided to start accepting orders again. If you want to order something, simply click here. I have changed my order form, so hopefully it will be easier to understand and to fill in. I’ve also planned on changing a few things on my side of the website so stay tuned for updates on those changes!

Until then, happy holidays!

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Love Song Designs has a new look
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Love Song Designs has a brand new theme! This one was done by Camille. Our Facebook and Twitter pages also have similar designs. With this new design, comes an updated list of packages and revised prices. Make sure to check everything out and tell us what you think in the comments section below!

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Marie-Anne’s order page has a new look
posted by Marie-Anne 04.22.15 category: Site Updates

banner psd
Hi everyone, it has been a while! As you might have noticed I changed the theme about two months ago. I have been working on my order page’s new theme since then but never really had the concentration to do so. But it’s finally here! Click on the picture above to have a full look at it.
I am going to start working on my portfolio’s new theme as soon as I can, hopefully it will be up and running soon.
I am still currently accepting orders, so if you want to order something from me, you can! But please bear in mind that the delay might be a little bit longer than it usually is.

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Marie-Anne’s New Onliner
posted by Marie-Anne 10.19.14 category: Marie-Anne,Onliners

banner psd

Hi guys! I have a new onliner! It’s a Coppermine Gallery Theme, and if you want to check it out, click on the picture above! I’m also still accepting orders, so make sure to place one!

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banner psd

I just finished a new premade featuring Fifth Harmony. I’ve been wanting to do one featuring them for so long, and finally there it is! For a full preview click on the picture above. Here is its description:

To order it, mention “FifthHarmony001” in “package” in my order form. The price of this premade is $14 USD.

Includes rollovers for the navigation, completely editable sidebars, completely editable welcome message, latest images.

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Marie-Anne’s Accepting Orders
posted by Marie-Anne 10.14.14 category: Site Updates

Hi, it’s been a while. I’ve been very busy and I am finally accepting orders again but this time I’m accepting one order at a time but the delay will be longer than usual due to my huge load of homework, etc. I just finished an order for a friend so you can place your order now. I also am working on new premades whenever I have free time.

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Marie-Anne’s orders are closed
posted by Marie-Anne 08.16.14 category: Site Updates

HI guys! I’m going with my family on vacation in a place where I won’t be able to design so I have to stop accepting orders. I also will start university very soon so I have no clue when I’ll be able to open them again.

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